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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Here come the flexitarians !


Vegetarians and vegans aren’t the only ones looking for plant-based proteins. Increasingly, many people around the world are following a flexitarian diet, which means they actively choose to eat less meat. Here are some of the reasons that may influence their dining choices1.




Trend-setter | Age: 23

Dines out 4 times per week at fast food, casual and bistros

I keep hearing about meat alternatives and how much they look and taste like real meat. People are saying they can’t even tell the difference! Now I’m curious. I want to see what everyone’s raving about, so I’m going to order one next time I see it on the menu.




Animal-lover | Age: 16

Dines out twice per week at fast food restaurants

I grew up eating meat, but I don’t like the way cows, pigs, and chickens are treated on some farms. By eating less meat, I can send a message to the industry that I don’t support poor living conditions for animals.




Fitness Junky | Age: 30

Dines out 3 times per week at both fast food and fine dining restaurants

My doctor wants me to eat less meat and lower my cholesterol. But I still want to get the protein I need for building muscle. Eating plant-based alternatives instead of beef or pork is an easy way for me to change my diet without rethinking everything I eat, and I like the way they leave me feeling full after a meal.




Mom | Age: 45

Dines out once per week at casual family restaurants

My daughter recently became a vegetarian because she’s concerned about climate change. However, the rest of our family still eats meat, and we don’t want to be limited to eating at vegetarian restaurants every time we go out together. If we can find a place that offers both plant-based proteins and real meat on the menu, it’s easier for everyone, and each of us can order what we like.




Activist | Age: 18

Dines out once per week at fast casual restaurants

I know that animal farms are hard on the environment because they use so much land and water and create harmful runoff and emissions. So I’m doing my part to protect the earth by eating less meat. With so many restaurants adding plant-based sausage and burgers to their menus, it’s easy to make that switch and stick to my commitments.






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