NutriPro Make it sizzle: Green…and growing

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Flexitarians are a large and growing population. Here are a few numbers to give you an overview of what are the implications.

44% of consumers would like more restaurants to offer plant-based meat alternatives1.  69% of flexitarians are reducing beef, 60% are reducing pork2

34% of consumers occasionally choose plant-based protein when dining out of home for better health, 25% because it’s better for the environment3

Globally, people are trying to increase their intake of plant-based protein4

  • 44% Mexico 
  • 25% USA 
  • 20% UK 
  • 16% Germany 
  • 37% China  

Pollution comparison
Producing a 115g steak is the same as driving a small car for 23.6 km. But a 115g plant-based meat alternative is like driving just 2.4km5

Meat alternatives are big business
$1.4 billion in 2019, $2.7 billion expected in 20233.  



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