NutriPro Food Allergens - Ten Tips to manage allergens in your kitchen

Monday, July 16, 2018

Back of House

MAINTAIN AN ALLERGY-FREE ZONE and keep it stocked with dedicated aprons, gloves, cutting boards, utensils and knives.

  • STORE PLATES ABOVE THE WORK AREA to prevent cross contact from falling food particles.
  • AVOID FRIED FOODS The fryer is a common source of cross contact.
  • STORE FOODS in clearly labelled, sealed containers.
  • APRONS and GLOVES should be changed/replaced and CUTTING BOARDS, utensils, and cooking surfaces should be cleaned before food prep
  • BLEACH AND WATER at room temperature is the standard for cleaning food prep surfaces. Use 15 ml of bleach for every 4 litres of water.
  • FOR SALAD STATIONS AND CONDIMENTS, keep foods containing allergens (e.g. eggs, cheese, nuts & seeds) separate and equipped with their own dedicated utensils. Never use utensils for more than one item to avoid a high risk of cross contact.
  • SOAP AND WATER eliminates the proteins that cause allergic reactions, while hand sanitizer does not.
  • STORE FLOUR DOWN LOW to prevent cross-contact from small spills.
    • HOT WATER decreases the effectiveness of bleach solutions.
    • THE EFFECTIVENESS of a bleach solution diminishes over time.
    • KEEP SPRAY BOTTLES of bleach solution for convenient use.
    • AIR DRY cleaned surfaces after sanitizing