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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Peanuts & Tree Nuts

Peanuts are a common allergy among children. While tree nuts are biologically different, they are also among the top food allergies, and up to 40 percent of people with peanut allergies are allergic to at least one tree nut.1 When preparing food for these guests, take care with the following ingredients.


Whole or ground peanuts
Peanut butter or paste
Peanut oil
Peanut flour or meal
Lupin (related to peanuts)
Nut extract
Tree nuts
Wholeor ground tree nuts (many species)
Monkey nuts, beer nuts, or mixed nuts
Nut milk
Nut flour or meal
Nut oils
Nut butter or paste

Not an exhaustive list. Read ingredient labels carefully

Check labels:

African, Asian and Mexican cuisine
(high risk of cross contact)
Candy, chocolate and desserts
Crackers and cookies
Egg rolls
Flavoured coffee
Frozen desserts
Glazes, marinades and sauces
Marinades and sauces
Vegetarian meat substitutes

Because coconuts are botanically different from other tree nuts, they are not included on most allergen lists. However, due to some rare but serious reactions, the US lists coconut as a tree nut allergen

Since 2010, children are experiencing 21% more peanut allergies, 18% more tree nut allergies, and 7% more shellfish allergies.


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