NutriPro Food Allergens - Eggs, another common food allergen

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Do you want to know with what to replace eggs when cooking in order to avoid allergies?

Eggs play an important structural role in many recipes, making them difficult to avoid. Here are some ingredients to watch out for and some egg alternatives for you to experiment with in your own recipes.

Replace one egg with:

- 4g yeast dissolved in 60mL warm water
- 5g baking powder
  + 15mL liquid
  + 5mL vinegar
- 1 paquet gelatin
   +30mL warm water
- 15mL fruit puree
- 15mL liquid + 7.5mL oil
   +5g baking powder
- 250g soft puréed tofu
- Replace egg with beer in batters
- Half of a large mashed banana for cakes or muffins


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