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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Crustaceans & Molluscs?

There are more than 20,000 species of fish.  Some people are allergic to only certain  varieties, but medical professionals typically  recommend that people with fish allergies  avoid all types. Other kinds of seafood are also linked to serious food allergies. Unfortunately, fish and seafood allergies are usually not outgrown with age, so they require life-long avoidance.

Allergens, including seafood, can become airborne, particularly with fried or steamed preparations.  Avoid seating guests with seafood allergies near the kitchen.


- Fish (any species)
- Fish gelatin
- Fish oil
- Fish sticks
- Crab
- Crayfish
- Lobster
- Shrimp and prawns
- Abalone
- Clams
- Mussels
- Octopus
- Oysters
- Scallops
- Snails/escargot
- Squid

Not an exhaustive list. Read ingredient label carefully

Check labels:

- African and Asian cuisine
  (high risk of cross-contact)
- Barbecue sauce
- Bouillabaisse
- Caesar salad/dressing
- Fish paste or sauce
- Imitation fish or shellfish
- Worcestershire sauce

Not an exhaustive list. Read ingredient label carefully


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