NutriPro Food Allergens - Did you know that most allergic fatal reactions are triggered by food served out of home?

Friday, March 16, 2018

Food allergies occur when a person’s immune system recognizes the protein in a particular food as a threat and the body responds with physical reactions (e.g. hives, upset stomach, difficulty breathing).1

A Safer Kitchen Starts Here

As a food service provider, you’re expected to serve safe and satisfying food to your customers, and one of the most important ways to do that is to learn about food allergies.

Food allergies affect hundreds of millions of people worldwide– you probably know someone with a food allergy. In fact, food allergy prevalence is becoming more common, and reactions are also becoming more severe.2
While many different foods can cause allergies, most problems arise from a handful of common allergens. Reactions can be mildly uncomfortable, serious, or even fatal, and they can happen anywhere—even in your dining room! In fact, the majority of fatal allergic reactions occur with foods served outside of the home.

However, by taking a few important safeguards, you can help protect both your customers and your business from the harmful effects of food allergies.
In Food Allergens, NutriPro Magazine, we’ll tell you more about common allergens, safe practices you can follow in the kitchen and at the table, and alternatives to satisfy customers with food allergies.

Ready to learn what you can do about food allergies? 

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