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Monday, January 8, 2018

Desserts appeal to every consumer, from health-minded to those looking to indulge

  • Faced with growing frugality fatigue, many US consumers are seeking ways to treat themselves in relatively inexpensive ways. This leads to an increase in popularity of snack-size items, like small pastries and wraps, but also of desserts and other small treats. These items are expected to continue increasing in popularity over the short-term.
  • While miniature desserts were a big trend in foodservice last year, the emphasis on smaller, lower-calorie treats seems to be abating at the current time.
  • Single-serving treats designed to be plated individually are growing in popularity as operators look for ways to improve service and keep down costs by minimizing food waste. They also appeal to current consumer preferences, as small, artfully-plated desserts feel indulgent without any added cost. In addition, choosing their own dessert is an added benefit that feels luxurious.1
  • Adding alcohol to frozen yogurt, gelato, blended espresso drinks, smoothies and other drinkable desserts for adults is becoming more popular. These items typically sell at lower price-points than plated desserts, yet carry high margins, making them mutually appealing for consumers and operators alike. Many, like Greek frozen yoghurt and real fruit smoothies, are also seen as healthier alternatives to other treats.



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