NutriPro All About Balance – Thoughtful Change

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

To help guests consume fewer calories, one strategy is to dial your portions back to the smaller amounts that were typical a few decades ago. While this strategy can make a dramatic difference in calorie intake, it may be best to make changes gradually so that it doesn’t disrupt the perceived value equation that your guests have become accustomed to.

Your long-term plan might involve reducing the volume of food by 10-15% in the first year, choosing lighter ingredients or redistributing ingredients on the plate in the second year, and finally reducing the volume of food again to meet your portion-size goals in the third year.

This approach allows you to cut calories without compromising on the flavour and texture of your recipes.  And… when you serve more reasonably sized dishes, you may find that you benefit from reducing cost of ingredients and reduce food waste.

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