A Booming Market in Plant-Based Products

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Once upon a time, animal milk was the only option for certain recipes. Today, that’s no longer the case, and you can find plant based - no milk alternatives made from a variety of grains, nuts, and legumes.

These versatile ingredients are making their way into breakfast foods, coffee, sauces, and even desserts like soft-ice and custards—and more people than ever are interested in trying or buying them—even if they’re not vegan.

More Than Just Another Trend

100% Plant based - no milk coffee drinks, desserts, & main dishes are in demand. “The global dairy alternatives market was valued at $20.5 Billion in 2020” and will reach $52.5 Billion by 2028.1 In fact, by 2018, 62% of dairy consumers had already purchased them.2


















They’re Not Just for Vegans

Studies have shown that there are multiple factors behind the growing demand for plant based – no milk options. 37% choose them because of health & wellness, 21% because of lactose intolerance or allergies, 12% just because of taste, 12% for environmental & animal welfare concerns, and 7% because they are interested in trying new things.3



  1. Capture a new audience of vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians.

  2. Keep existing customers who want to change their eating habits.

  3. Accept larger groups by satisfying everyone in the party.4




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