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New CHEF® packaging makes it even easier to recycle

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Nestlé Professional, Nestlé’s business dedicated to the out-of-home food and beverage industry, has redesigned its traditional CHEF® packaging from gold to white – in the next step of its sustainability journey.

The brand aims to make it easier for chefs, caterers, hotels, and restaurants to contribute to the recycling process by removing the dark colorants of its plastics.

The new white CHEF® packaging can be placed in a recycling bin where recycling systems are available, so chefs can comfortably and easily separate from the waste stream to help plastic recycling. 

The development and launch of the new white CHEF® packaging is part of Nestlé’s commitment to make 100% of its packaging reusable or recyclable by 2025.

Sustainable swap to white

“In the recycled materials market, white and transparent plastics are the preferred option as they can be recycled more easily and dyed with greater flexibility,” explains Alain Contal, Global Packaging Manager. 

 “With the white plastic container, it helps the CHEF® packaging stay in plastic recycling loop instead of going to another loop with lower quality or value.  Some recycling facilities consider certain colored plastics as contaminants to the recycling stream, and in turn, throw them in the trash instead of recycling.”

Therefore, the new CHEF® dehydrated range is now 100% recyclable by design – including container, lid, and label – and is convenient to handle, store, and ultimately recycle in countries where facilities exist.

Different design, same ingredients

While this new white packaging design may look different, the optimally formulated dehydrated powders remain the same. 

The CHEF® ambient dehydrated powders come in a variety of flavors to pair with chefs’ choice of protein or plant-based dishes. The CHEF® professional brand dehydrated solutions help to create delicious meals that are affordable for businesses and restaurants, without compromising on taste. 

Whether it is for the exquisitely traditional French dishes or innovative culinary creations like plant-based recipes, the CHEF® brand has flavoring solutions that will meet the needs of professional kitchens.

The CHEF® range of dehydrated powders comes in a variety of bulk sizes to help chefs, caterers and kitchen staff prepare the same great-tasting meals, every time. From as little as 1kg, to larger bulk sizes of 10+ kg, there are bulk buying solutions that will suit any busy kitchen size and menu.

Innovative culinary solutions

Over the last nearly 50 years, the brand has driven its tradition of delivering authentic culinary aids through menu innovation and the expansion of its portfolio to include liquid concentrates, signature paste reductions, ready-to-use sauces, scratch-made fonds, and now plant-based solutions. 

For more information on the CHEF® product range and if it is available in your country, click here and select the CHEF® Brand country drop-down list.