Meet Ann Ménard, our Global Brand Communication and Beverage Insights Manager at Nestlé Professional

Monday, September 12, 2022

Ann Ménard of Nestlé Professional was destined for a future in food sciences.  From her childhood growing up on her family’s dairy farm, her deep roots in agriculture led to her profession in the food and beverage industry.


Sustainable path to food


Ann has first-hand experience on her family’s award-winning conservation dairy farm, in Wisconsin, United States, where they milk 320 cows, grow 1,000 acres of crops, and manage 150 acres of woods and wetlands. It was one of the first farms in the region to adopt a completely no-till system, use contour strip cropping, diversified crop rotation, nutrient management, cover crops and grassed waterways to optimize yield and soil conservation.



“Growing up on our family farm, it was engrained in us that you need to respect and protect the resources so that they will be available for the next generation,” she explained. “Respecting the land and animals are critical for any farm to be successful. Sustainability was always central to success on our family farm, but for us, it was just the normal way of working.”


With a built-in desire to work in an industry linked to her agricultural roots, Ann graduated with a degree in food science and a second in applied economics.  She joined Nestlé Food in California, launching her career in food and beverage. Ann’s work has spanned the globe including leadership on innovation projects worldwide and establishing an international team across global businesses with Campbell’s Soup.  Her international focus led to her current work with Nestlé Professional’s Beverage Center in Switzerland starting in 2006.



Unique insight


Ann’s agricultural background, sustainability focus, and decades of food service experience have given her a unique perspective on cultivating food and crafting connections which is invaluable to her current position as Global Brand Communication and Beverage Insights Manager.


“It is amazing working with the category teams to understand innovation challenges, identify global trends, and work with digital marketing teams to share what our business is doing. It’s an honor to be part of the team.”


“Working in 40 markets around the world has helped me develop a deep understanding of consumers and customers, which is critical to success in my current role. I greatly enjoy sharing stories about the fantastic people and passionate work we do at Nestlé Professional,” she continued.


Food service future for all


Ann believes that investing in the future leaders of food service through educational programs such as chef or barista trainings are vital, especially in an industry that is ever-changing and where the bar for quality is continually being set higher.


“Diversity and women in food service is also core to the company, and close to my heart. So, for those thinking of a career in this sector, go for it!” she added.