Good coffee, good mood? Make sure you get the best out of coffee at work!

Monday, October 28, 2019

For some it’s a vital kick-start to the day. For others, it’s the ultimate secret pleasure. Not surprising then that we all want a good quality cup of coffee in the office!

Coffee comes in many varieties and flavors. But what determines the taste of coffee?

"A cup of quality please"

Good coffee is often perceived as expensive. But this is not necessarily the case. Quality is determined by three factors: the coffee, the machine and the water. So let’s go back to some basics…

  • The bean
    The taste of coffee is largely determined by the coffee beans and the way in which they are roasted. The two most popular coffee beans are Arabica (soft and aromatic in taste) and Robusta (strong in taste). The taste of the coffee can be predicted based on the structure, aroma and appearance of the bean.
  • The machine
    Enjoying a wide range of coffee variations at the touch of a button helps make employees feel happier. But what kind of machines are out there and how does this affect taste?
    There are many different options, but these are the most common: an espresso machine, an instant machine and a filter coffee maker. If you prepare an espresso or filter coffee with the same coffee, you’ll get two completely different flavors. That is because of the brewing method. Espresso is a small cup of coffee, put under high pressure. A filter coffee is less concentrated and therefore has a softer taste.
    And then there is the aromatic coffee in powder form, instant coffee. Ideal for workplaces, this coffee is characterized by a quick brewing process and consistent taste.
  • The water
    Magnesium, calcium, carbonic acid are all factors that mean that water quality and characteristics make a big difference to the taste of coffee. Many people simply use tap water for their coffee. If there is water with a high hardness, the coffee may taste somewhat bitter, since the minerals influence the taste. For this reason, a water filter is installed on many machines.

Good coffee, good mood? So How does coffee influence our mood?

  • Coffee makes us alert
    Coffee starts to impact our mental alertness from around 100 to 200 milligrams. So it's not surprising that we look forward to a good cup of coffee in the morning! To give you an idea: a large mug of coffee contains about 330 milligrams and one cup of instant coffee is about half.
  • Coffee makes us happy
    Does drinking coffee really make you happy? That's what researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health say. And coffee helps us to look to the future with optimism.
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