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Chefify - Three Reasons Customers Aren’t Returning to Your Restaurant

Monday, July 16, 2018

In this article, we analyze at three possible reasons your customers aren’t returning to your restaurant.

  1. Your prices aren’t competitive
    The solution to too few customers isn’t necessarily to slash all of your prices - you shouldn’t sell yourself short - but take a look at how you compare with similar restaurants in your area and perhaps reconsider your pricing strategy.
    Consider introducing some more affordable menu items to encourage guests to return who at present only see your restaurant as a very occasional treat.
  2. You’re viewed as only offering one sort of meal experience
    It’s a problem faced by many different types of eating establishments, but if your guests only consider you for one type of meal occasion, for example a light lunch or special occasion, then they’re not going to be coming back as often as they could.
    This can be a bigger problem to resolve while maintaining your brand’s identity, but if you are keen to diversify your customer experience, try to transform your restaurant environment with music, lighting, menu variety and section off areas if possible. If you can imagine an area perfect for casual dining away from a more formal setting, change up your offering to try and bring in a more varied clientele.
  3. You’re not paying attention to the little things
    You might serve the best food in town, deliver a first class customer service and be competitively priced, but if your floor is frequently less than perfect, your windows aren’t mark-free and your cutlery polishing isn’t up to scratch it could undo all of that good work.
    Fortunately this one is easy to solve - simply put in place regular checks, perhaps every couple of hours, so you’re able to deal with any issues quickly, and assign specific jobs to staff members. There’ll be a little extra admin involved for your managers, but achieving positive results can also mean less time is spent on complaints.
    By identifying and addressing these issues you’ll give your restaurant the best chance of achieving the returning business that is so vital to its success.