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Chefify - Three of the best cheffing blogs a professional chef can learn from

Monday, July 16, 2018

The experience and passion of other chefs and professionals working across the industry can provide valuable insights into what it means to get ahead in the culinary world and offer alternative food perspectives. The rise of the blog has offered a unique peek into the lives of others, whether you’re looking for ingredient inspiration, visionary minds or industry news. Whatever your level of specialty, blogs are a fertile hunting ground for the mind of a professional chef – here are three of the best to learn from.

  1. The Making Of
    Established in 2011 as an independent food and film project, The Making Of is a thoughtful blog that bridges the gap between food producers and consumers. The combination of a quest to find Europe’s most outstanding food producers and the experience the team has had with film has produced a video-rich blog that is all about extraordinary food stories and fascinating producers from all over the world. Watch a film about the Plouguerneau Seaweed Gatherers Festival in Brittany, learn about the Swabian Hall pig and see why Vienna used to be the centre of Europe’s snail gastronomy.
  2. The Art of Plating
    At the other end of the culinary scale, The Art of Plating is devoted to the end result, focused on the idea of gastronomy as a form of high art. The blog posts are inspired by the processes and artistry involved in contemporary culinary preparation and presentation, and there are plenty of stunning images to inspire. The focus is on aesthetics, but also on the innovative, and the blog is a great place to find insight on others’ passions, vision and life stories, that can in turn inspire your own. Expect professional chef profiles, culinary trends and best restaurant listings.
  3. Food Pairing
    Produced by a creative food tech agency, the Food Pairing blog is designed to offer inspiration for innovative pairings of ingredients to produce exciting results. The pairings for the recipes on the blog are created by a series of unique algorithms and are already inspiring menus all over the world. Expect the innovative – such as cauliflower velouté with langoustine, orange zest and pistachio – and bold takes on the classics: madras curry and mango sorbet with sweet potato mousse.