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Chefify - Ten little touches of luxury you can add to your restaurant

Monday, April 16, 2018

Whatever your menus and aesthetic, customer experience is key and the way your restaurant looks and feels has a big impact on that. Enhance what you offer to those who eat with you via little touches of luxury that deliver an overall more pleasurable sensory experience.

  1. Music
    It doesn’t sound like much of a luxury but music contributes enormously to atmosphere. Give your guests an audio treat to accompany the culinary ones.
  2. Tablecloths
    Do you know how many times diners look at and touch, the table during the time they’re with you? Many, many times. There’s nothing quite like the feel of a high quality tablecloth to add a touch of luxe.
  3. Fresh flowers
    Abundant displays of fresh flowers bring a naturally luxuriant feel to any room. Stick to a colour scheme for a sophisticated and well thought through feel.
  4. Statement lighting
    Lights can change the feel of a room and the experience within it, in an instant. The twinkling crystal of chandeliers creates an instantly luxe glow or choose bold, modern pieces to establish a talking point for the room. A soft and flattering light is often the best choice – there are few things guaranteed to make diners more uncomfortable than harsh lights that show up every flaw.
  5. Add mirrors
    If you have a small room then mirrors instantly add the luxury of space and depth. Plus, they can create romantic illusions by reflecting candles or lights after dark.
  6. The menu design
    From the texture of the paper, to the print used and the colour scheme, your menu design offers multiple opportunities to add a little extra.
  7. The colour scheme
    Whether you’re choosing colours designed to enhance appetite (red stimulates the taste buds, for example) or for design scheme consistency, your choice of shades can enhance, or detract from postive experiences.
  8. Focus on the entry point
    Customer experience starts at the moment your diners first see your restaurant. Add lights, new signage or a statement door to the entry to set the stage you want.
  9. Minimise your interiors
    It’s surprising how luxurious minimal interiors can really feel. Clutter, clashing pieces and too many colours can feel overwhelming and may look cheap. A minimal look always feels cool and zen.
  10. Customise with care
    Consistent, subtle, high quality branding makes everything feel like one long curated experience. Invest in some customisation of your menus and interiors but don’t go overboard.