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Chefify - Ten food photography tips to improve your social media pictures

Monday, April 16, 2018

Good food photography can make or break a food themed social page. Even the most mouthwatering of dishes can appear unappealing thanks to poor lighting, a lack of creativity and overuse of the flash. So, how do you get your food photography right?

  1. Get the right angle
    Spend some time working out which way the food looks best and which parts of the dish make it look the most appetising.
  2. Don’t be afraid to crop
    If you have a perfect image with one tiny flaw then simply crop it out, even if you’re cropping out half the plate. Even if there’s no flaw, try cropping it anyway – sometimes it just looks better.
  3. Consider the lighting
    Just as you would want to take a selfie in a flattering light, food looks at its best if the lighting is good. Light the dish softly but clearly and don’t use the flash – the flash can wash out all the natural colour and make it look like it has been shot in a laboratory. Natural light is the best choice.
  4. Set up the picture
    Put some thought into the way you want to set the image. Should there be a table setting? Inside or outside? Do you want to add anything else to the table to bring context?
  5. Create a viewpoint
    Consider the person looking at the photo – you want to create a shot that they feel as if they are just about to engage with. Remember that sometimes the most effective shots are where it looks as if someone has just taken a bite.
  6. Take lots of shots
    You’re unlikely to get the perfect shot first time so take more than one snap before you stop shooting, particularly in dimmer lights. Practice makes perfect when it comes to food photography so get snaphappy.
  7. Be ruthless
    Some food just doesn’t look good in a photo. No matter how delicious the dish is, if it doesn’t photograph well then don’t use it.
  8. Use simple patterns
    If you’re incorporating cutlery, plates, bowls, tablecloths etc then keep the patterns simple. Otherwise, they can distract from the food and make the image feel overcrowded.
  9. Colour wins
    Food that is colourful looks appetising, whether it’s a green soup or a chocolate desert. Make sure you capture the detail of colour – use a tripod to keep the camera from wobbling if you have to.
  10. Use a macro lens
    This is far better than a wide-angle lens for effective close ups.

These 10 tips are all you need to create the perfect social food image – just add your favourite dish and get working on your food photography!  If you need some inspiration, take a look at some of the creations on Chefify for some great examples of food photography.