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Chefify - Skills you need to be a great leader

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The ability to communicate

You may see your vision very clearly in your mind but if you can’t get this across to your staff then they can’t get behind you. Learning how to communicate concepts, expectations and issues is a crucial part of being a great leader.

Learning how to delegate

Learning to trust your team is a key element of being a solid gold leader. If you don’t learn to delegate then you will run yourself into the ground trying to do everything and be unable to make the leadership decisions that will make your business a success. The art of good delegation comes from understanding the team that you’re leading – what do individuals enjoy, what are they good at and where is further training required?

Be confident

You have to lead from the front in the restaurant business. While this doesn’t mean that you have to be a loud or narcissistic personality, it does require the confidence to stand behind the food that you produce and the decisions that you make. Your level of confidence can considerably impact your team too so be aware of what will affect team morale, positively or negatively, and use it to help power your workforce forward.

Lead by example

If you’re clocking off early and leaving tasks incomplete for the next day then your team is very likely to follow suit. Set an example by doing the extra hours, taking pride in your establishment and setting high standards for everyone who works for you.

Characteristics that work

Great leaders all have several characteristics in common – honesty, versatility, positivity and intuition. Admit to mistakes and be honest about prospects. Learn to adapt to events and try to remain positive, whatever happens. Finally, listen to your intuition. Intuition is one of the most powerful tools a leader has and learning how to listen to it can help guide you through the often rough seas of food industry success.