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Chefify - Seven ways to turn your customers into repeat customers

Monday, February 25, 2019

  1. If you don’t have repeat customers, find out why
    Create an online survey, monitor social media comments about your business, or carry out an assessment of experience as if you were the customer. Identify the issues your business has and then solve them. Bad customer service, poor quality food and an unpleasant or unclean environment are three of the most common customer concerns.
  2. Offer an incentive
    Loyalty programmes, special offers, discounts for returning customers – all these things provide people with a reason to return to become repeat customers, rather than trying somewhere new. Loyalty programmes can use simple mechanics, loyalty stickers for example, meaning you don’t have to rely on technology to try a one out with your customers. 
  3. Focus on a unique and compelling menu
    If customers feel they have tried what they wanted on their first, visit why would they return? An enticing menu that offers something unique - whether that’s the food and drink pairings, the way the food is served or the different tastes - is far more likely to create return customer. 
  4. Join in with your local community
    Many restaurants underestimate just how powerful a local community is in establishing a customer base. These are the people who will pop in for dinner on the way home from work, or for brunch at the weekend, so they are worth pursuing. Investigate whether you can buy produce locally, take part in events and markets, and consider whether you could bring in local musicians instead of recorded music..
  5. Create a happy team
    Your staff are your public face and if they’re badly trained, undisciplined and rude they will put customers off returning. Invest time in finding the right people for your business and then look after them, from making sure they know how to do the job, to giving them time off and helping them move forward in their careers. 
  6. Add value online
    Social media provides a straightforward way to stay in touch with customers. Create an engaging digital presence and use it to post enticing food images and to let people know about offers and events..
  7. Keep it simple
    Don’t overcomplicate your menu, concept or the experience that you offer. If customers understand what you’re doing, and why, they will remember you and recommend you. Make it very clear why loyalty to your restaurant will benefit them - don’t include the kind of hidden clauses in offers or loyalty schemes that lead to disappointment. Be authentic, honest and serve awesome food and your customers will become repeat customers in no time at all.