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Chefify - Seven ways to reach more customers

Friday, March 15, 2019

  1. Focus on your local community
    Create flyers, put up posters, reach out to local papers to do a feature and plan a few events where you invite just those who form your closest community. Find out who your local foodies and food bloggers are and incentivise them with freebies or special treatment to come, eat and review.
  2. Network
    Be your own brand ambassador at everything you go to, from food events to local community groups. You never know who you might meet and word of mouth marketing can be a very powerful tool in getting new customers through the door.
  3. Collaborate with another business
    If you want to access an entirely new market then team up with another business to do it. Co-marketing like this can be incredibly effective and both brands benefit, which makes it an easier to sell to a potential partner. Work out what you can offer the other business – is it a discount they can give customers for your restaurant, an exclusive recipe for the menu, or a combo offer such as a set price for dinner with you plus an experience with them (e.g. pizza + cinema).
  4. Revamp your image
    If you’re not doing as well as you’d like when it comes to new business it’s important to establish whether this has anything to do with your current image. Could the website and facebook page do with an overhaul in terms of aesthetics and user experience? Is your menu out of date with no options for vegans etc? Do your interiors need a facelift?
  5. Tap your existing customers
    Give those who already know how great your restaurant is a good reason to bring their friends. Competitions, discounts, special offers and promotions can all be useful in leveraging an existing customer base to create a new one.
  6. Start a blog
    Whether you write a blog or simply use it to post images and recipes, this kind of digital marketing can be a very useful tool for attracting new customers who want to eat the food you post about and experience your restaurant for themselves.
  7. Find new sales channels
    If you’re not currently on social media, set up an account. If you don’t attend industry or networking events, sign up for some. If you haven’t pitched your business to the press, now is the time to try. If you have products to sell, other than prepared food, could you open an online store? Be open minded, bold and willing to try and you could reach a whole new audience.