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Chefify - The Importance of Ambience in your Restaurant

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Why is getting the ambience right so important?

It helps the food to TASTE better

Believe it or not, how good the food tastes isn’t just about how well it’s been cooked, but also what sort of mood the customer is in at the time.
If they’re feeling uncomfortable because of poor quality seating, cramped because of a poorly laid out dining area or unable to relax because of inappropriate lighting or music then this will affect how much they enjoy the food.

Retain more customers

Customers will remember a restaurant that serves great food, but they’ll love one that delivers an exceptional dining experience, returning again and again.
On the flipside, if a customer has a bad experience due to any of the reasons we’ve already mentioned, they’re unlikely to come back - regardless of how good the food is.

Bring in new customers

If you really impress a customer with a quality all round experience then it is likely they will tell all of their friends about it, both in person and on social media.
Everyone wants to be the person that introduces their friendship group to an amazing new restaurant, but conversely they absolutely do not want to be the one that takes their family and friends to a culinary establishment that is unpleasant to be in.