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Chefify - The impact of happy employees on customer satisfaction

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

All of us have had that interaction with an employee who isn’t fully engaged with their job. Distracted, slow, low on energy and maybe even sullen, if an employee is clearly not happy with what they’re doing this kind of attitude can filter through the whole team. On the flip side, the good vibes of happy employees tend to spread not only through the team, but to customers too and if your team feels taken care of they are far more likely to go the extra mile for the business.

Why is customer satisfaction so important?

It’s a very simple equation: satisfied customers = returning customers. People who have enjoyed great food and service tell other people. They might go online and write a positive review, maybe even name the member of staff who had such a great influence over their experience. 80% of people will go online to research a restaurant before dining there for the first time – and if they see reports of bad service and unsatisfied customers they’re highly likely to make the choice to go elsewhere.

Where do happy employees impact on customer satisfaction?

  • Creating a great atmosphere for your customers. When employees are enjoying being at work, are motivated, learning and focused on life goals they tend to be more content. That creates a positive atmosphere that inevitably means customers feel they are walking into somewhere with good energy.
  • Teamwork makes the dream work. Being able to work effectively as a team can be both a consequence and a cause of happy employees. Either way, the restaurant is far more likely to function smoothly when employees are content in what they’re doing from day to day and that enhances the customer experience.
  • When staff are treated well they pass this on. We all tend to pass on down the line the treatment that we receive from others, however unconsciously. Happy staff who feel valued and who are enjoying their experience will pass that on to customers too.
  • Happy staff are essential for exceptional customer service. 73% of people will return to a brand if the customer service is superior.  It’s almost impossible to achieve anything other than “good” or “average” customer service if employees aren’t happy in what they do.
  • When staff are happy they are engaged with your business. This means that they’re able to plug into its values and goals and translate this into the way that they deal with its customers. It also means that they will take every opportunity to go the extra mile.
  • Your staff are the face of your business. If that’s a smiling, welcoming, happy face then customers are far more likely to feel satisfied after their experience and also to want to return.

To keep your staff happy, you'll need to invest in restaurant staff training to improve their skills.