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Chefify - How to Promote your Restaurant Reviews

Monday, March 18, 2019

Online reviews have become an essential part of marketing for any restaurant. 88% of customers incorporate online reviews into their purchase decision making process and 90% of customers now read online reviews. Given these statistics, the likelihood is that your business is being read about or talked about somewhere online right now. So, how do you maximise this as part of your marketing efforts?

Find out where you’re being talked about

A quick online search will usually identify where your customers are already talking about your business, whether that’s via Facebook or review sites like TripAdvisor.

If there aren’t enough reviews then ask for more

Follow up with recent customers and ask them to leave you a review online. You might want to follow up personally with your best customers or even stimulate them to talk about some of the parts of the business you feel are particularly worth mentioning, such as the food or the service.

Host reviews on your website

Positive reviews overwhelmingly make customers trust the brand that they are about. So, if you have lots of customers who are demonstrably happy with their experience this is worth making a priority on your website. It makes it easy for others to see what customers thought and means that your web pages aren’t purely self-promotional.

Share your reviews in emails

If you send out a regular newsletter or promotional email consider featuring some of the reviews that you get. This will not only help you to get a positive message across but also make your email content more interesting.

Use the reviews in Paid Ads

Click through rates for paid ads can be quite low (1.91% for search ads). However, when a customer review extension is added this soars to 10%.

Promote your reviews via social media

Social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter are the ideal place to communicate positive vibes from other customers. Reviews are essentially user generated content, which makes them much more trustworthy in the eyes of many customers than promotional content generated by a brand. It’s important to achieve a balance of brand and user content on social media and reviews have a positive role to play in this.

Use reviews to boost your SEO

Reviews can have a very positive impact on SEO because they are fresh content that is completely relevant to other users. Software Company Yotpo carried out research into how reviews could impact here and found that on average, a site using customer reviews increases site traffic about 45%.