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Chefify - How to create a buzz for your restaurant opening

Monday, April 23, 2018

  1. Be a part of your neighbourhood
    Digital marketing is a crucial part of creating a buzz, but ‘real life’ relationships are just as important in the restaurant business. Devise something special just for the locals, perhaps hold an introduction night for local residents and businesses and a reception for local press. It’s the locals who will be some of your biggest regular customers so it’s a good idea to win them over early.
  2. Who is your audience?
    If you understand your customer then you can work out how to reach them. Are they likely to respond to a social media campaign or should you be taking out an ad in the paper and leafleting? What do they read and where do they hang out? All this knowledge will help you get the word out to your target market.
  3. What’s your Unique Selling Point? (USP)
    The most successful businesses have a USP (Unique Selling Proposition), whether that’s the style of food, the interiors or the type of service. If you identify yours then you can market it to set yourself apart from the competition. Remember, what works for someone else won’t necessarily work for you, the key work is ‘unique’ - what can you offer that nobody else can?
  4. Get social earlier rather than later.
    Social media can create a buzz around anything and a restaurant opening is the perfect project for sites like Twitter and Facebook. Start your campaign at least a month before the opening and reach out to local bloggers, reviewers, critics and other restaurants. Don’t bombard people with sales information (only 1 in every 3 posts should be promotional). Use plenty of images of your food and interiors and get people excited about the day you open the doors. 
  5. Create some promotions
    Customers love a discount and offering group discounts, a percentage off or a freebie for those who show up on the first night is an easy way to draw the crowds.
    These simple techniques are very effective when it comes to creating a buzz around a restaurant opening. Plan ahead, give yourself plenty of time and make sure everything is ready for opening night so that all the customers you’ve attracted can go away and give you rave reviews.