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Chefify - How to create a better relationship with the front of house team

Monday, April 23, 2018

  1. Strong management is essential
    The most common conflicts between front and back of house arise because of a lack of understanding, or empathy, between those on the customer facing side and those in the kitchen. A good manager can help to bind the two together, understand the points of pressure that both have, and communicate any issues – and their solutions – between both parties.
  2. Use technology to make life easier 
    Inefficiency of process creates immediate flash points between front and back of house. An obvious example of this is the paper ticket ordering system, which can break down on something as simple as handwriting and have both sides of the counter blaming each other. Invest in technology that smooths the path of an order from one to the other and that provides the kind of accountability that can’t be disputed.
  3. Avoid the blame game
    Mistakes sadly happen… you need to find the cause of the problem and make sure it doesn’t happen again.” So, Creating a culture in which the response to a mistake is to teach and develop, rather than to blame, encourages staff from front and back of house to communicate more and to get angry less.
  4. Hire well
    Spend equal time on finding front of house staff who can deliver impeccable service that supports the work of the kitchen, and who understand how to communicate with their colleagues backstage.
  5. Encourage bonding
    Under pressure, tempers can start to fray. However, if there is a fundamental foundation of respect and a professional bond, this goes a long way towards keeping an atmosphere positive. Avoid an ‘us and them’ situation with joint socialising, encourage professional development that can be celebrated on both sides and allow staff to get to know each other to encourage more respect and empathy and build a good work relationship.