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Chefify - How To Attract The Right Staff For Your Restaurant

Friday, April 20, 2018

Hiring great staff means choosing the right people for you, striking a balance between what they can offer your restaurant and what working for you will offer them. Being able to hire well helps to reduce staff turnover and ensure a productive and efficient working environment. So, how do you do it?

  1. Define what you’re looking for
    In order to find staff who are the right fit, it’s crucial to be clear from the start about exactly what you’re looking for. What set of values is your business or brand based on? How does the restaurant function and what attitude do you expect in your staff? You need to make it clear what staff will be expected to bring to the table in terms of skills, approach and ability.
  2. Be clear about what you can offer
    In any industry, a fair salary is a baseline for attracting the best people. However, money isn’t the only factor on which staff will make a decision about where to work. Benefits such as training and holidays, as well as a good team, can make up for a salary that is not the largest on offer.To those who are serious about their careers it will be the opportunities for advancement that will hold the most appeal – have you defined a clear path for those who join you?
  3. Working conditions are key
    Those restaurants that suffer the most from high staff turnover are those that can’t offer their employees a constructive, supported atmosphere to work in. Factors such as a poorly equipped kitchen, an low team morale, lack of established health and safety routines and poor work-life balance will play a big role in how appealing your business is.
  4. The right recruitment techniques can make a big difference
    Targeted and specific searching will inevitably have a better chance of yielding candidates who are better suited to your business. Go for quality over quantity and advertise jobs via channels that will reach those who have a real interest in your restaurant/industry/cuisine, rather than everyone out there.
    Niche job sites and hosting job ads on your own website are much more likely to bring better suited candidates to your door.
    Hiring staff is a skill that many business owners underestimate, but being able to select people who believe in your vision and are committed to making it happen can be the difference between struggle and success.