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Chefify - Five Skills Hospitality Professionals Must Have to Get Ahead

Friday, April 20, 2018

Here are essential skills that you need to acquire if you want to make it as a hospitality professional. We also included the related phrases you should have in your CV when applying for new roles.

  1. Tech-savvy
    You might not expect to rely on too many technical skills working in a kitchen or front of house in a restaurant, but culinary establishments are utlilising modern technology more and more to improve the customer experience. Booking apps, beacon technology, discount apps, inventory management tools and digital concierge systems are just some of the things you might come across throughout your career.
    Key phrases to use:
    • Tech-literate
    • Tech-savvy
    • Digital native
  2. Networking
    skills If you’re to prove successful within this market then you will need to perfect your ability to connect with fellow industry professionals, clients, guests and vendors. Regardless of your role within hospitality, customer service is critical, and as such a friendly, warm and approachable demeanour is essential to ensure guests want to return, and that your employers are happy to promote you as the face of their business.
    Key phrases to use:
    • Relationship building
    • Vendor management
    • Guest relations
  3. Multitasking
    During a busy shift, every role associated with hospitality can be hectic, demanding a whole raft of tasks to be carried out simultaneously. For example, in a single day a restaurant manager might have to discuss a contract with a service provider, deal with customer complaints or even get involved with basic front of house duties such as serving behind the bar or taking out food from the kitchen - all while maintaining a positive and customer-friendly attitude.
    Key phrases to use:
    • Proven time management
    • Organisational skills
  4. Attention to detail
    Paying attention to the finer details can be what sets a customer’s experience apart from the rest. So while making sure that the venue is clean, well prepared and stocked/staffed to handle any busy shift, don’t skimp on the finishing touches. This requires attention to even the smallest of details, including the presentation of your waiting staff, the presence of fresh flowers, presentation of dishes and immaculately arranged table settings. Be sure to highlight instances where attention to detail has paid off within your CV.
    Key phrases to use: 
    • Exceed guests’ expectations regularly
    • Ability to focus on crucial guest details
    • Attention to detail
  5. Flexibility
    The hospitality industry demands long and frequently unsociable hours. So if you want to make it you need to show willingness and flexibility. The shifts you’re asked to cover can change at late notice, so it’s important for prospective employers to know that you’re willing and prepared to adapt your schedule when necessary.
    Key phrases to use:
    • Adaptable
    • Versatile
    • Resourceful