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Chefify - Five reasons to encourage your chefs to have personal social media accounts

Monday, April 16, 2018

Here are five reasons to encourage your chefs to make the most of their social media accounts.

  1. A digital portfolio – for the chef and the restaurant
    Obviously you don’t want your best chefs poached by the competition but the value generated by a strong online presence can have a benefit for the wider business too. Social media accounts can act as a strong, impactful portfolio, demonstrating skills, the ability to train and the finesse and innovation that go into producing next level cooking.
  2. As part of the business marketing strategy
    Generating a buzz on social media requires all hands on deck – encouraging your chefs to establish their own social accounts contributes to overall brand awareness for your restaurant. If you have a team of chefs, and each one is doing this, then you effectively have a squad of brand ambassadors for your business.
  3. To pick up on trends and find inspiration
    Being solely responsible for menus and ingredients ideas can be a heavy burden. Chefs using social media are exposed to all the most recent conversations, ideas and innovations. The value that this can offer to the business is immense – encourage chefs to spend time on social platforms and to share the ideas they come across with the business.
  4. To generate footfall
    Social media is one of the cheapest ways to broaden reach and attract new customers – and also one of the most effective. Having social accounts for your business is great but if these are supported by posts and tags from chefs who work for you the business profile becomes even more substantial and the reach is broader still.
  5. Going viral
    Most businesses won’t get anywhere close to going viral when it comes to their chef social media accounts. However, those posts that make it aren’t usually the sanitised corporate approved ones but those from individuals that just capture a moment. You can add depth and variation to a social media presence by encouraging individual chefs to join the digital conversation. Even if you don’t manage to go viral, you’ll be able to see how different audiences respond to the images and language your chefs use – all of which can feed into making the general restaurant social strategy more effective.