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Chefify - Does your restaurant need a rebrand?

Friday, April 20, 2018

For every business, the brand is key. It’s this that gives a sense of identity, which enables customers to understand who you are and what you’re offering. Strong branding delivers genuine competitive advantage and few businesses succeed without it. Of course branding doesn’t always hit the right note – and there are some easy to spot signs that it might be time to have a branding rethink.

  1. You’ve been pigeonholed by customers
    It’s very easy for food related businesses to get pigeonholed by customers. You might find that you’ve been filed away as ‘special occasion only’ or ‘food for cheat days’ and so you’re losing out on customers who might also appreciate the cheaper or healthier options on your menu. If the perception of your brand is clearly off the mark then a restaurant rebranding can help to realign you in the minds of the public with the messages you want to get across.
  2. You’re launching something new
    Obviously it’s not necessary to rebrand every time you add a dish to the menu. However, if you’re taking your establishment in a different direction, fresh branding can help to attract attention and refocus the message.
  3. Diner numbers are down
    The power of branding is not to be underestimated – so many people buy a bottle of wine because they like the label, for example, and if a restaurant has a certain look and feel to it that can be enough to generate custom. If your numbers are suffering and you’re looking for a way to get back on track, a correctly pitched rebranding can open you up to a whole new market.
  4. Existing branding doesn’t work
    There are a number of ways to spot whether your current branding is doing its job. Other than a busy restaurant, look at the kinds of diners you’re attracting, the number of customers who are returning and whether you’re attracting the press and attention that you want to. If not, a restaurant rebrand could help reach your target audience – and keep them.
  5. You’ve got competition
    So a new place is opening up near you and creating a lot of buzz? You don’t need to steam in and try to steal their spotlight, but there’s nothing to stop you creating a little heat of your own. Rebranding provides a feeling of newness and will always attract the attention of hungry diners. If you feel like you’re being slightly overshadowed, a clever rebrand can boost profile and help you grab a slice of the action.