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Chefify - 6 things you can do outside the kitchen to improve your career prospects

Friday, March 15, 2019

A stellar culinary career requires exceptional skills and a healthy dose of talent - there’s no doubt about that. However, outside of the kitchen there are other skills that you can develop that will help to support everything that you’re able to do within it.

  1. Write your own blog
    This is a great way to attract attention to your abilities, to network and to show just what a creative chef you are.
    You can write about anything that interests you – the most important element of blogging is being authentic. Whether your passion is exotic ingredients, tech-driven cooking or a love for the classics, a blog can help you establish a reputation for knowledge and passion.
  2. Become IT literate
    The tools of the culinary trade are not just of the kitchen variety. To move fast through the ranks it’s important to have a good understanding of computer systems and the basics of business, such as stocktaking and accounts.
  3. Learn a new language
    There are numerous advantages to learning a new language as a chef, from the ability to communicate with suppliers all over the world, to the opportunities this opens up for travel and experience overseas.
  4. Attend industry events – or speak at them
    There are many events designed to connect individuals in the culinary sector providing opportunities for building your profile and reputation. Attend these – and other sector events – to learn, meet other professionals and build standing in your industry.
  5. Work on time management and organisation
    These two skills are key for any successful career and, in particular, in the culinary world where schedules can be tight and the ability to work under your own steam is essential.
    If you’re lacking in this area then learn to manage your time properly and be organised to avoid being held back as your career progresses.
  6. Take a leadership course
    Great chefs are great leaders, and few make it to the top without developing this quality. Take a leadership course to learn how to provide the kind of guidance and motivation your (current or future) team needs in the kitchen.There are many ways to support a culinary career, other than just in the kitchen - from IT skills to leadership, the job requires a 360-degree approach.