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Chefify - 4 Tips to help make sure your niche restaurant is successful

Friday, April 27, 2018

A successful niche restaurant has the potential to earn high. From clean eating, to Korean fried chicken, there are plenty of examples of niche tastes that have captured the market and seen huge success as a result. A niche restaurant caters to a highly defined market and (initially, at least) is designed to appeal to more limited numbers of customers. This is in contrast to a mainstream menu, which has a much broader audience. The advantage of a niche restaurant is the certainty of the proposition – knowing exactly why you’re there and what you want to deliver is a great start. But what else can you do to guarantee success?

Be clear about your USP

For the niche restaurant the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) should be fairly easy to define. The niche nature of your business is what sets you apart from the rest – it’s what you stand for. So, whether it is a menu of Brazilian BBQ or the fact that all you serve is five different types of porridge, make sure that you communicate this clearly to potential customers.

Know your customer

A niche restaurant is offering a menu to a fairly narrowly defined customer base. So, it’s essential that you know who it is you’re pitching at. Think about who your typical customer is, why they need your restaurant and what it is about your food or set up that will appeal to them. It’s useful if you can establish a ‘typical customer’ and think about what they do on a daily basis, where they shop, where they go online etc. This will help you to reach the audience you need.

Market your business

In an ideal world the reputation of a niche business grows by word of mouth based on the uniqueness of the idea and the quality of the food. In real life, you need marketing. When your customer base is more limited, you have to market twice as hard, from advertising in the newspapers and magazines your niche market might read, to establishing a presence on the social media they might visit.

Don’t quit

Niche markets can be harder to break. In fact, you might have to create an entirely new market from scratch. Anticipate success taking some time to arrive and don’t be put off if at first you don’t reach your perfect customer base. Try any and all ways of getting to where you want to go – remember the only point at which you really fail is when you give up.
These tips will help you shape your niche restaurant into a success – whatever that looks like to you. Clear focus, good marketing and an understanding of your audience are the most important initial steps.