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Chefify - 3 Things You Can Do Today To Increase Footfall

Friday, August 3, 2018

Increasing your footfall means more people through the door, and that’s a good thing for any restaurant. Whether you’re positioned in a prime spot, or out of the way – and no matter what kind of menu or aesthetic your restaurant has – there are always options when it comes to boosting footfall.

  1. Attract spontaneous diners
    Are you making the most of your position with an exterior that does your marketing for you? If the outside of your restaurant is a crumbling wreck then few customers will venture in to appreciate the food. First impressions count, make the most of every area that members of the public are likely to come into contact with. Do you have a clear sign with attractive branding that lets people know you’re there? Does the outside of your restaurant look clean and well kept? Would a passer by know what kind of restaurant you are? Is there anything you can do to make the outside of the restaurant stand out, such as abundant plants or shrubs, attractive windows or outside seating?
  2. Use social media
    Social platforms such as Twitter and Instagram don’t just serve the purpose of boosting your reputation online. They are also a very simple and effective tool for driving people through the door. One of the most powerful social tools for generating footfall is imagery – if you post a photo of a truly mouth-watering plate of food, with clear information about what it is and where people can get it, hungry diners will make their way to your door. Make sure you use local hashtags so that your name frequently pops up in local conversation.
  3. Targeted email campaigns
    If there is one thing that is truly effective when it comes to generating repeat business it’s preference and behavioural based email campaigns. Sending tailored emails that are relevant to the person receiving them can have a big impact when it comes to motivating that person to return back to your tables. The key to this is maintaining your subscriber base and gathering as much data as possible on people who eat with you. Preferences, such as veganism or a sweet tooth, can be incredibly useful when targeting promotions and everyone loves a freebie on their birthday.
    Think about ways that you can capture email addresses from your diners without interrupting their dining experience - perhaps invite them to fill in a survey at the end of their meal. You must also bear in mind email marketing preferences - only send an email if your customer has subscribed to receive email news.