International Chefs Day - Chefs Q&A's

Chef Emmanuel Lorieux from Nestlé Professional involves his son during cooking to develop healthy eating habits.

Friday, September 8, 2017

ICD 2017 Chef Interview blog

What do you think, is the current status of foods offered to children in OOH?
I think that there is pretty much nothing made or offered in the OOH industry right now for children regarding healthy and good food.

What do you think can be done to make it healthier?
I really think that there is a lot to be done on that field like providing special products to elaborate kids' menu for example with natural ingredients and no artificial flavors added, so the child knows and learns the genuine taste of those ingredients

What tips and tricks do you have for preparing healthier food for children?
The best way, for me, to have my child eat something he likes, is to take him in a fresh market and let him choose what he wants to eat and cook it after together with him. It’s a good way to make him eat something healthy, a way to teach him something about the ingredients and the fresh products and a great moment spent together.