Chef at work station preparing dish of food

Garden Gourmet

Garden Gourmet® provides you with a range of vegan and vegetarian products especially for out of home which allow you to offer your dinners delicious plant based dishes that are like no other. We believe the more people that embrace plant-based food the better the world would be. With more people switching to plant-based diets, we have committed to help our customers offer delicious plant based menu items for their consumers, from thought to execution making the world a better place meal after meal.


At CHEF®, our mission is to craft culinary solutions that support chefs in their restless creativity. To do that, we draw inspiration from recipes across the globe, using traditional methods and the highest quality ingredients. Meaning that chefs can explore every inspiration while always meeting their exacting standards. Your creativity never rests. So neither do we.

Buitoni Professionale

At BUITONI®, we aim to enhance the lives of our consumers by inspiring them to savour life through good food - the Italian way. This is why the Italian cuisine that BUITONI® brings to the consumers is all about choosing the best ingredients and combining them to create simple but great sensorial experiences.

Maggi Professional

At MAGGI® Professional everything we do is founded on our belief that everyday meals are the meals that matter most. They’re the trusted favourites and bestsellers, the meals that have the power to nourish diners’ body and soul every single day. MAGGI® professional is there to support operators with products that deliver on flavour and performance as they create the dishes they care about.


Flavor isn't measured like other parts of the business. It’s created in the kitchen and judged on each and every plate. It pushes every chef and pulls every diner. Since 1951, Minor's has understood that taste and flavor have to be perfect, that each patron has to be wowed and that the best tomorrow is based on what you serve today. Flavor Means Business™.

Nestlé Confectionery

Nestlé Professional provides a wide range of global confectionery brands such as KITKAT®, SMARTIES® and AERO®, to consumers within Out of Home channels including the workplace and snack-vending. Working closely with casual dining partners, we also provide branded dessert ingredients for global Quick Service Restaurants such as McDonalds and KFC. Whilst many of our brands are global, we also provide custom product solutions in different countries, catering to the needs of consumers at a local level.

Nestlé Docello

At NESTLÉ PROFESSIONAL, we have spent 50 years crafting intense chocolates and coffees, rich milk and cream. Now, we’ve poured everything we’ve learnt into NESTLÉ DOCELLO dessert solutions. A heritage in sourcing, selecting and refining ingredients results in flavours that are richer, creamier and more intense. We pride ourselves on our authentic, consistent high-quality dessert mixes, based on local recipes that have been improved by our pâtissiers, all leading to plate perfection. With NESTLÉ DOCELLO, creating your personal range of original desserts is easier than you think. Just add your talent to our versatile sauces, fillings, brûlées and mousses, giving the finishing touch to every meal – your perfect sweet signature.


KITKAT®, crispy wafer fingers covered with creamy milk chocolate. KITKAT was first manufactured in York in 1935. KITKAT® has become the first global confectionery brand sourced from 100% certified sustainable cocoa, supplied through the Nestlé Cocoa Plan that aims to improve lives in farming communities and the quality of cocoa beans. KITKAT® is the perfect balance of KITKAT® chocolate and wafer in an iconic finger shape. Customers can discover KITKAT® in a range of formats including wrapped bars (singles and multipacks), sharing bags and individually-wrapped bite-sized treats in boxes.


The delicious nibble everyone loves! Colourful coated chocolate confectionery in a variety of individual, multi-pack or special occasion formats. Initially named 'Chocolate Beans', the SMARTIES® brand has held a special place in people's hearts since 1937. Continuous product improvements, including a shift to no artificial colours or flavours, ensure that SMARTIES® brand remains a popular choice for kids and adults alike.