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SUNSHINE Instant Milk Powder Bag 750g

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It's a great source of clacium giving you 30% of your recommended daily calcuim needs in each serve.
Features and Benefits
Dissolves in warm or cold water.

To make 1 litre of milk mix 130g of SUNSHINE Instant Full Cream Milk Powder with 900mL of cold or warm water and stir well.

For best results add powder to the water, do not pour water onto the powder. As a general guide for larger or smaller quantities =
1 level measure SUNSHINE Instant Full Cream Milk Powder + 3 level measures water SUNSHINE Instant Full Cream Milk Powder.

Will keep for months if stored in an air-tight, non-transparent container in a cool, dry place.

Once milk has been made it must be kept refrigerated.

Product Ingredients

Full Cream Milk, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin), Antioxidant (301), Vitamins A and D.

Sunshine Instant Full Cream Milk Powder, like liquid milk, has not been modified for feeding infants.

Made in New Zealand.

Shelf Life

18 Months

Nutritional information
 ENERGY551kJ 276kJ 
 133Cal 66Cal 
 PROTEIN6.3g 3.2g 
 FAT - TOTAL7.5g 3.7g 
    - SATURATED5.2g 2.6g 
    - SUGARS9.8g 4.9g 
 VITAMIN A91ug 46ug 
 (%RDI)12% 12% 
 VITAMIN D1.3ug 0.65ug 
 (%RDI)13% 13% 
 SODIUM78mg 39mg 
 CALCIUM242mg 121mg 
 (%RDI)30% 30% 
Packaging information
Pack Size:750g x 12
Pack Yield:750g
Portion Size:200mL
Servings Per Bag:25
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