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The History of Maggi

The Maggi brand originates from Switzerland where in 1863 Julius Maggi created a recipe of flavors to bring added taste to meals. Maggi was a pioneer in combining convenience and nutrition. With the help of physician Fridolin Schuler, he developed solutions to improve the nutrition of the working class. By 1886, he had launched his ready-to-use soups, followed by the now famous Maggi Würze: a seasoning that would give a meaty, spicy taste to Maggi soups and leguminous flour, making them more enjoyable. In 1947, Nestlé acquired the Maggi brand. Today, the tradition continues around the world.  Whether it’s Maggi stocks, sauces, seasoning or soups, professional kitchens have come to know and trust the Maggi brand for its high quality, convenience and nutrition.  Nestlé Professional is dedicated to meeting the needs of chefs and food service operators. Together we work to offer consumers tastier and healthier choices.

Maggi is the food brand purchased most regularly around the world, according to a May 2013 survey from industry analysts Kantar Worldpanel.