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For generations, NESTLÉ® ABUELITA® Chocolate has been an essential part of the Hispanic kitchen and now it‘s the preferred chocolate flavor for US Hispanics. Its delicious chocolate flavor is associated with the warmth and comfort of home. Its perfect balance of cocoa, sugar, vanilla and cinnamon are what allow Abuelita to give every steaming cup of hot chocolate its distinctively delicious flavor.

Sara Garcia, the ABUELITA on the packaging, is recognized as “Mexico’s grandmother”. Her image has become iconic and representative of quality and trust throughout Mexico. ABUELITA has a dominant presence in the US, particularly in top Hispanic states. Sales of the brand have an average CAGR of 18%.

ABUELITA Mexican Hot Chocolate is a staple in US Hispanic homes. However, due to the time required to prepare Abuelita, it becomes more and more difficult for US Hispanic consumers to take the time to prepare it.
By offering Abuelita in your establishment you can attract more Hispanic customers and provide them the rich chocolate, cinnamon taste they trust and love.