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Give your customers more of what they crave with BUTTERFINGER®, NESTLE® CRUNCH®, and WONKA® NERDS® candy pieces.  On ice cream, frozen yogurt or baked goods, use NESTLÉ Dessert Toppings to create a decadent adventure.

BUTTERFINGER® candy pieces

Butterfinger® celebrates ‘90ish’ years!  It continues to be a fan favorite with a rich history that is a part of every generation today.  Fans can go to Facebook to learn more about the “best of” Butterfinger.

WONKA® NERDS® candy pieces

Innovative quality treats from WONKA® provide a fun eating experience, while its fictional association inspires the imagination of kids of all ages. Visit

NESTLE® CRUNCH® candy pieces

Some things you just don't outgrow. Nestlé® Crunch® chocolate bar – with a unique combination of rich milk chocolate and crisped rice - is one of them.   Chopped into candy pieces, they are perfect as an ice cream topping or inclusion for baked goods.  Since 1938 the Nestlé Crunch brand has been bringing out the kid in people all over the world. See Nestlé Crunch history video.   

Application Ideas

Add more variety into the Bakery with application ideas using BUTTERFINGER candy pieces, NESTLE CRUNCH candy pieces, and WONKA NERDS candy pieces.