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Imagine serving barista-quality espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, hot chocolate and more, with push-button ease, unparalleled speed, and remarkable consistency, no matter who on your staff is making them. The NESCAFÉ Milano Café Style Beverage Program is about bringing a new level of End Cup Quality, Customization and Convenience enabling you to simply deliver a beverage experience that consistently exceeds your customers’ expectations and gain incremental beverage sales. Simple perfection. That’s the future of coffee. That’s NESCAFÉ Milano. Because of high demand, NESCAFÉ Milano is only available in certain markets. Call us at 1-800-288-8682 to find out more.


Meticulous ingredient sourcing, exclusive extraction techniques, and unrivalled end cup consistency all come together to deliver proven consumer appreciated taste.

Latte Art

With a customized drinks and latté art, you can capture the value and growth that a well executed, consistent premium Café Style Beverage Menu will provide. Creating beautiful patterns on the froth of the cappuccino or café latte is quick and easy for anyone on your staff with the NESCAFÉ Milano Latté Art training. We will provide you with the tools for your staff to execute professionally decorated drinks within seconds, making your offer differentiated and providing great value for your customers.


Speed. Reliability. Quality. Consistency. A variety of Premium Café Style Beverages delivered reliably, 30% faster than a traditional machine and with push-button simplicity.

Milano ProCare

Comprehensive professional support you can rely on to keep you ahead of the game, including worry-free scheduled maintenance. The Milano ProCare program gives you the advantage with the perfect Café Style Beverage Menu, well-trained and engaged staff, reliable systems, and a suite of support services to really propel your beverage sales growth.