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LIBBY'S provides the highest quality pumpkin available. Its consistent performance reduces time and labor.
100% solid-pack pumpkin means less water and more pumpkin. More pumpkin means less waste and more profits.


LIBBY'S Pumpkin has been a trusted ingredient in America's pantries for generations.  Beloved by chefs across the land, few foods can claim LIBBY'S Pumpkin's more than 75 years of heritage and tradition.

Featured Recipes

Use LIBBY'S 100% Solid Pack Pumpkin for your muffins, breads, cookies and pies and more…

Naturally Nutritious

100% Pure Pumpkin – just check the label
·         No added sugars
·         No added flavoring
·         No preservatives
·         Sodium free
·         Naturally gluten-free
·         Excellent source of Vitamin A & Fiber
·         Low in calories and fat


Curious about how LIBBY'S Pumpkin is grown? Here’s a video which highlights the technique LIBBY'S has used to grow pumpkin.