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Nestlé Professional Statement (21.2.13)

We have strict standards in place to ensure the quality and integrity of our products. We do not supply any comminuted beef products, identified as priority for testing by the FSA. We can confirm we do not use any of the meat suppliers implicated in the horse meat contamination case or sell the products that Nestlé withdrew yesterday in parts of Europe. As a precautionary measure we are obtaining compliance statements from all our beef suppliers and we have conducted authenticity tests in all our beef products in line with FSA requirements. We can confirm that all the beef-containing products from the Nestlé Professional UK range of gravies and jus have tested negative for horse DNA. We are continuing to monitor the situation very closely and will comply with any actions required by the authorities.

HERTA statement (21.2.13)

None of the HERTA products sold in the UK or Ireland are made from beef. As a precautionary measure, Nestlé has tested samples of all of its Herta products sold by Nestlé in the UK and Ireland and can confirm no presence of horse DNA in any of these products.

Nestlé UK is part of the industry reporting process and these results will be submitted via the Food and Drink Federation, our industry body, to the FSA in this week's reporting cycle.

We only use approved and regularly audited suppliers and the quality and safety of our products are non negotiable priorities for our company.